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Borg, Annika

Doktor der Theologie, Autor und Priester der schwedisch-lutherischen Kirche

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Svenska Dagbladet - Sweden | 14/03/2011

Swedish Church needs no imams

The Swedish Lutheran Church has hired an imam to look after young people at a youth centre. The pastors Annika Borg and Johanna Andersson explain in the conservative daily Svenska Dagbladet why they can't understand the decision: "Dialogue between the religions is important, but not so important that it must gloss over the basic differences. It has taken a long time for the Church to develop its current attitude to women and people in general, as well as other issues. And it was neither easy nor a matter of course to come as far as we have. Perhaps we should be having this discussion with a female imam. ... Even if there are many possible interpretations within Christianity, Jesus is always at the centre of the Church's work. Many agree that there should be plenty of room for differing points of view under the roof of the Church. But it is confusing for everyone when the Church lacks the backbone to admit that different religions have different persuasions."

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