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Bonse, Eric

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1.  Lost in EUrope - Belgium | 04/01/2016

2016 could see the end of Schengen

Warnings that Europe might collapse are no longer merely expressions of concern lacking in substance, journalist Eric Bonse writes in his Blog Lost in EUrope: ... » more

2.  Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 26/10/2015

Exodus to Europe: EU turning the Balkans into transit zone

Twelve European states at a summit in Brussels agreed on Monday morning on a 17-point plan for managing the refugee crisis. Among other things 100,000 ... » more

3.  Lost in EUrope - Belgium | 18/08/2015

Shock preventing proper thinking in Eurozone

The German parliament votes today, Wednesday, on the third bailout package for Greece. Although most MPs know that the third package is likely to fail ... » more

4.  Lost in EUrope - Belgium | 20/07/2015

Germany scuppers Eurozone government

Hollande's idea of a European avant-garde will remain a dream because it does not have Germany's support, fears Eric Bonse in his blog Lost in ... » more

5.  Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 11/06/2015

EU Parliament President abusing his power

On the surface the dispute in the European Parliament may be about protecting foreign investors through private arbitration tribunals (ISDS) but what the President of ... » more

6.  Lost in EUrope - Belgium | 20/05/2015

EU must not nurture dangerous illusions

The EU is "overstretched" with the accession aspirations of the six Eastern Partnership countries, Eric Bonse writes in his blog LostinEU: "'Overstretched': This is what ... » more

7.  Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 11/03/2015

Varoufakis is not the one who's talking rubbish

Greece is being asked to do the impossible when it comes to reforms, the left-leaning daily taz writes in dismay: "Above all Germany insisted on ... » more

8.  Lost in EUrope - Belgium | 19/02/2015

Eric Bonse on Europe's three-tier democracy

The current bailout programme for Greece runs out at the end of the month. The short time frame granted for requesting an extension makes it ... » more

9.  Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 21/10/2014

Provocation from Paris prompts key debate

Paris's proposal makes good sense because both France and Germany have growth problems, the left-leaning daily taz comments: "Strictly speaking the whole Eurozone is suffering ... » more

10.  Lost in EUrope - Belgium | 28/08/2014

Only Merkel sets the tone in Europe

The new head of the Eurogroup is also to be chosen at the EU summit on Saturday. The fact that Angela Merkel has spoken out ... » more


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