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Bogdanas, Ramunas

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1.  Delfi - Lithuania | 14/10/2015

Lithuania needs good ties to Minsk

Close contact with Minsk is particularly important for Lithuania in the coming months, the web portal Delfi argues: "A vital issue for Lithuania is the ... » more

2.  Delfi - Lithuania | 03/06/2015

EU tackles root of problem by targeting smugglers

Last week Wikileaks published two classified documents on the EU's planned military operation against smugglers off the coast of Libya. The Delfi web portal approves ... » more

3.  Delfi - Lithuania | 08/05/2015

Russian victory celebrations a growing threat

The celebrations marking the end of World War II in Russia are taking on an increasingly menacing aura, the liberal online portal Delfi observes: "This ... » more

4.  Delfi - Lithuania | 26/03/2015

Ramūnas Bogdanas on Putin's economic policy failure

March 26 marked the 15th anniversary of the start of Vladimir Putin's first term as Russian president. Journalist Ramūnas Bogdanas looks back in the liberal ... » more

5.  Delfi - Lithuania | 01/01/2015

Happy New Year in the Eurozone, Lithuania

Lithuania became the 19th member of the Eurozone on January 1. That gives us two reasons to celebrate, the portal Delfi writes: "We can't compare ... » more

6.  Delfi - Lithuania | 01/05/2013

Boston legitimises Putin's Caucasus policy

US investigators have arrested further suspects in connection with the bombings in Boston, it came out on Wednesday. The main beneficiaries of the attacks are ... » more

7.  Delfi - Lithuania | 16/08/2012

Lithuania must punish Swedish activists

Belarus is demanding that Lithuania provide it with information on a small aircraft piloted by Swedish activists that illegally penetrated Belarusian airspace at the end ... » more

8.  Delfi - Lithuania | 21/07/2011

Business before justice for Vienna

In Lithuania, criticism of Austria continues unabated following the decision of the Austrian authorities to release the Russian fugitive Mikhail Golovatov, in breach of an ... » more

9.  Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 10/10/2008

Lithuania's dependence on Russia

The daily Lietuvos Rytas expresses concern about Lithuania's over-dependence on Russia in the energy sector. "In terms of energy policy we are dependent on Russia ... » more


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