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Böhmer, Daniel-Dylan

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Die Welt - Germany | 29/09/2015

Avoid repeating Afghanistan mistakes in Syria

The Taliban recaptured the Afghani provincial capital of Kunduz on Monday. What is happening now in Afghanistan should be a warning for the anti-terror coalition in Syria, the conservative daily Die Welt warns: "Less than a year after the withdrawal of the combat troops the Islamist militia has become so strong that it is laying waste to the administrative and political centres in the regions and fomenting insecurity, instability and unpredictability. … In view of the countless Afghans who are coming to us each day it would be simply stupid to believe that what happens in that country has nothing to do with us. Before we create another Afghanistan in Syria we should remember: there's no such thing as a little peace. It takes decades and intensive commitment to stabilise a country where there is a civil war. Short-term alliances with militias and dictatorships only aggravate the situation. There is no alternative to the slow and difficult rebuilding of a functioning state."

Welt am Sonntag - Germany | 20/09/2015

West must defeat IS without Assad

The war in Syria can only be ended without Assad, not with him, the conservative weekly Welt am Sonntag concludes: "It was Assad who made the IS strong. He never made any serious efforts to fight it and he won't do so now, precisely because he wants to appear to the West as the healer of the inflammation he provoked. And that means that he will continue to feed this inflammation whenever he feels threatened. Assad is the problem, not the solution. … Assad [must not] be strengthened by leaving it to him to fight the IS now. The West must lead this fight on its own - not for Assad or against him, but despite him. If we don't make ourselves dependent on him we can help Russia negotiate a new balance of power in Syria that limits the bloodshed and perhaps even ends it."

Die Welt - Germany | 08/09/2015

Doing nothing no longer an option

Germany should at least consider participating in the airstrikes against the IS, the conservative daily Die Welt demands: "Politicians must consider the use of military resources more carefully than any other measure. But every deliberation must come to a conclusion otherwise it's just evading responsibility. We Germans tend to do that. True, bombs alone won't bring peace. But until the military dominance of the IS is broken any political solution is hopeless. … We can use our unique relations with the Shiites and Sunnis in the Middle East to contribute to a negotiated solution. We can help push through protection zones. In the case of Syria we have tested only one option thoroughly: doing nothing. And with that we failed. If we don't recognise that now we are ignoring the history of the people who are coming to us as well as the people themselves even as we help them."

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