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Bloodworth, James

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The Independent - United Kingdom | 20/08/2014

Only military strikes will stop the Islamists

At this stage military force is the only effective instrument in the battle against the Islamic State's militias, writes columnist James Bloodworth in the left-liberal daily The Independent: "Liberals are very good at calling for the bombs to stop, but now is the time for anyone of a remotely progressive temperament to call for an intensification of the military campaign against Isis. ... The latest atrocity by Isis ought to drive home the point that those committing such crimes are not misunderstood men who have been 'radicalised' by Western imperialism, but rather are attempting to use our concern for human suffering against us by proudly brandishing their own disregard for it - all to create a hellish and totalitarian Caliphate that would make death feel like a deliverance."

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