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Blair, Tony

Tony Blair, 56, war von 1997 bis 2007 Premierminister von Großbritannien.

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Eesti Päevaleht - Estonia | 29/08/2013

Prevent fragmentation of the Middle East

Former British prime minister Tony Blair argues for military intervention in the Syria conflict in an article published in the liberal daily Eesti Päevaleht, saying that not to act would mean "Syria, disintegrated, divided in blood, the nations around it destabilised, waves of terrorism rolling over the population of the region; Assad in power in the richest part of the country; Iran, with Russia's support, ascendant; a bitter sectarian fury running the Syrian eastern hinterland - and us, apparently impotent. I hear people talking as if there was nothing we could do: the Syrian defence systems are too powerful, the issues too complex and, in any event, why take sides since they're all as bad as each other? But others are taking sides. They're not terrified of the prospect of intervention. They're intervening. To support an assault on civilians not seen since the dark days of Saddam."

La Repubblica - Italy | 12/04/2013

Tony Blair calls for a left-wing policy for social justice

Given the consequences of the financial crisis the European Left must finally focus on achieving social justice, writes former British prime minister Tony Blair in an article published by the left-liberal daily La Repubblica: "The paradox of the financial crisis is that, despite being widely held to have been caused by under-regulated markets, it has not brought a decisive shift to the left. So where should progressive politics position itself, not just in Britain but in Europe as a whole? How do we oppose smartly and govern sensibly? There are another 20 such questions, but they all involve this approach: a root-and-branch inquiry, from first principles, into where we spend money, and why. Sketch out the answers to these questions and you have a vision of the future. ... The issue isn't, and hasn't been for at least 50 years, whether we believe in social justice. The issue is how progressive politics fulfils that mission as times, conditions and objective realities change around us. Having such a modern vision elevates the debate. It helps avoid the danger of tactical victories that lead to strategic defeats."

El País - Spain | 08/09/2011

Schröder, Blair and Delors call for more European integration

In view of Europe's debt crisis ex-German chancellor Gerhard Schröder, British ex-prime minister Tony Blair and former EU Commission president Jacques Delors call for deeper European integration. In a joint statement published in the left-liberal daily El País they see Europe at a crossroads: "For both the 17 countries of the Eurozone and the 27 countries of the European Union the time has come to make a choice. The Eurozone needs to decide whether it will move in the direction of a more comprehensive fiscal and economic union or risk a breakup that would endanger the entire process of European integration. The European Union needs to decide whether to promote growth, speak with one voice on global issues and play a significant global role in the 21st century, or accept that the world will move on without us. Not making a decision and taking action on these fundamental questions will weaken Europe as a whole and its member states individually, including the larger ones."

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