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Blair, David

Chief Foreign Correspondent of the Daily Telegraph

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The Daily Telegraph - United Kingdom | 18/06/2014

Kurds benefit from most recent Iraq crisis

The Iraqi government officially asked the US on Wednesday to help it fight the Isil militia with air strikes. Now that the Iraqi army has fled northern Iraq the Kurds' dream of their own state could finally become reality, the conservative Daily Telegraph comments: "For decades, the Kurds had to accept whatever mercies might be offered by the all-powerful rulers in Baghdad - and in Saddam's time, there were no mercies and only thunderbolts. Now, they are strong enough to carve out their own state within the borders of northern Iraq, taking the oil assets and cities that will make it viable. When this crisis finally passes, it look as if the Kurds of Iraq will be the big winners."

The Daily Telegraph - United Kingdom | 21/10/2013

Spying among friends is legitimate

The NSA's surveillance in France does not represent an affront or a breach of trust but is standard practice among friends, the conservative newspaper The Daily Telegraph writes. "The disclosure that France is a target for US electronic espionage is about as much of a revelation as the news that restaurants in Paris are better than those in Washington. After all, France has been spying on its allies, including America, for generations. … We live in a world where nations compete. … In the end, a big contract will either go to a company from country A or from country B. The jobs and the industrial benefits will be reaped by one or the other. So it is wholly legitimate for A and B to try and gain an edge by any means, so long as no one actually gets hurt. So let's grow up about all this. Of course America spies on France, and France spies on America (and Germany too). It has always been this way; it always will be. And quite right too!"

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