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Bittner, Jochen

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1.  Zeit Online - Germany | 09/07/2015

Greeks need Grexit plus debt relief

A Grexit combined with debt relief is the only way to save Greece, the liberal news website Zeit Online advises: "Since Greece has made it ... » more

2.  Die Zeit - Germany | 05/06/2014

European elections: British should remain sceptics in the EU

Even if Britain's opposition to the EU can be annoying, grumblers like Prime Minister David Cameron in fact play a positive role in advancing the ... » more

3.  Zeit Online - Germany | 01/02/2013

Foreign missions: Germany must take a stance

Germany is currently contributing three transport aircraft to the French-African intervention in Mali and plans to gradually increase its military assistance in the coming weeks. ... » more

4.  Die Zeit - Germany | 29/07/2010

Jochen Bittner and Jörg Lau question German economic nationalism

During the euro crisis France and the US were among the countries that accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel of favouring German interests. Jochen Bittner and ... » more

5.  Blog planet in progress - Germany | 03/02/2010

Europe's many voices scare off Obama

According to Jochen Bittner in the Planet in Progress blog, US President Barack Obama is not attending the EU-USA summit because of the continued lack of ... » more

6.  Die Zeit - Germany | 07/12/2007

The EU and the independence of Kosovo

"Two things appear to be unthinkable for Brussels: leaving a problem child on Europe's doorstep [like Kosovo] to its own devices and - more importantly ... » more


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