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Belović, Mario

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Delo - Slovenia | 20/01/2016

Boost justice, prevent war

The yawning gap between the rich and poor must be closed, writes the centre-left daily Delo in reaction to the latest Oxfam report on inequality: "History teaches us that increasing inequality and economic insecurity undermine the social order and lead to radical reactions - both from the left and the right. It should be a warning to us that until now above all wars, revolutions and economic depression have re-established a greater balance of wealth among people in the past. To avoid such a scenario global changes of extreme proportions are needed. These changes would ensure more equality between the individual social castes, classes, genders and races."

Delo - Slovenia | 26/02/2015

Mario Belović on why we learn nothing about the TTIP

Despite ongoing criticism details about the TTIP transatlantic free trade agreement between the EU and the US have yet to be made public, Mario Belović writes in the left-liberal daily Delo and sees three potential reasons for this silence: "One reason is the inability of politicians to comprehend the tectonic shifts [the agreement would trigger]. If critics of the agreement are proved right, European standards in the areas of social welfare, public services, consumer protection and the right to clean water will be shaken to their very foundations. The silence may also be an expression of a misconception of the European space in which our politics evolve. Instead of actively committing to national interests, promises are being made to other centres of power and their rules are being followed. The third reason could be collaboration with a conspiratorial operation which in essence is an attack by big business on the sovereignty of the European states and their civil rights."

Delo - Slovenia | 02/01/2013

Pension reform in Slovenia not enough

Slovenia's new pension reform came into effect on January 1st, and negotiations on a labour market reform are in full swing. The reform must be implemented, the left-liberal daily Delo urges: "If the social partners prove unable to go a step further it will raise the question of whether this reform will also be unable to achieve its long-term goal of giving young people greater access to the labour market. To accomplish that there must be more, not fewer, educational grants, and it must be easier both to hire and to fire workers. The job market has literally collapsed, and to stabilise the situation reforms in other domains are also urgently needed. Because a labour law reform won't accomplish much if, aided by the tax office, employers - including the state - can continue to withhold payment of social insurance contributions with impunity."

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