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Bešker, Inoslav

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1.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 05/01/2016

EU Commission has double standards

It is increasingly obvious that the EU Commission does not treat all member states equally, the liberal daily Jutarnji list complains: "Economic wrongdoing is not ... » more

2.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 22/12/2015

Two-party system in Spain has had its day

After the elections on Sunday it is clear that in Spain too, the traditional two-party system is no longer viable, the liberal daily Jutarnji list ... » more

3.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 16/09/2015

Europe's complicity

With its disastrous foreign policy the EU bears partial responsibility for the refugee crisis, the liberal daily Jutarnji List comments: "As part of the European ... » more

4.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 02/09/2015

Hungary forgetting its own migration history

In building a fence to seal off its border with Serbia Hungary is forgetting its own history, journalist Inoslav Bešker writes in the liberal daily ... » more

5.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 02/02/2015

More than just naysayers

It became clear on Saturday that Podemos is more than just a protest movement, the liberal daily Jutarnji List believes: "The movement's leader Pablo Iglesias ... » more

6.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 20/10/2014

Pope forces bishops to be open

Even if the episcopal synod hasn't changed the general stance on gays and divorcees the bishops are now forced to address these issues openly, the ... » more

7.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 11/08/2014

New president is cynical realist

Erdoğan owes his political success above all to his country's economic progress, the liberal daily Jutarnji List comments: "Erdoğan casts himself as unstoppable. His election ... » more

8.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 04/08/2014

No court for crimes in Middle East

28 days after the Israeli offensive began in Gaza the war crimes on both sides are piling up, but they will never be dealt with ... » more

9.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 23/06/2014

Britain should just leave

The liberal daily Jutarnji List calls on Cameron to make good on his threats and leave the European Union: "De Gaulle warned in his memoires ... » more

10.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 03/06/2014

Scandal-plagued - but democratic

King Juan Carlos was a scandal-plagued but democratic ruler, the liberal daily Jutarnji List writes: "With his abdication he saved the monarchy and the dynasty ... » more


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