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Bejan, Gabriel

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1.  România Liberâ - Romania | 09/06/2015

Ponta hiding behind immunity

Prime Minister Victor Ponta is currently under investigation by the Romanian anti-corruption authority. On Tuesday the parliament in Bucharest rejected a request his immunity to ... » more

2.  România Liberâ - Romania | 18/08/2014

Romania's judicary finally cleans up

No sooner was Romanian media mogul Dan Voiculescu sentenced to ten years in prison than he made a public statement on his blog on Sunday ... » more

3.  România Liberâ - Romania | 10/04/2014

Romanians anxious about corrupt politicians

In Romania, the public prosecutors are currently investigating mayors and local councillors who have been accused of corruption for years. The conservative daily România Liberă ... » more

4.  România Liberâ - Romania | 22/05/2013

Romanians love corrupt officials

The Romanian parliamentarian and owner of the record championship winning football club Steaua Bukarest, Gigi Becali, was sentenced to three years in prison on Monday ... » more

5.  România Liberâ - Romania | 20/03/2013

Romanians sink into dangerous nostalgia

Romanian ex-prime minister Adrian Năstase was released early from prison on Monday. He is the highest-ranking politician to have served a prison sentence for corruption ... » more

6.  România Liberâ - Romania | 05/03/2013

Schengen row boosts Romania's populists

After German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich threatened to veto Romania's and Bulgaria's potential accession to the Schengen zone, the Romanian Interior Minister Radu Stroe said on Monday ... » more

7.  România Liberâ - Romania | 01/08/2012

Ponta holds the trumps

The referendum on the impeachment proceedings against President Traian Băsescu will now be examined by the country's constitutional court. The referendum failed because less than ... » more

8.  România Liberâ - Romania | 20/06/2012

Suspicion of plagiarism hardly hurts Romanian PM

Romania's Prime Minister Victor Ponta is suspected of plagiarising lengthy sections of his doctoral thesis. Ponta responded on Tuesday by accusing President Traian Băsescu of ... » more

9.  România Liberâ - Romania | 03/05/2011

Islamic youth needs prospects

The death of al-Qaida boss Osama bin Laden doesn't mean the defeat of terrorism, and the West has only itself to blame, writes the daily ... » more

10.  România Liberâ - Romania | 21/12/2010

Gabriel Bejan on the festering wounds of Romania's revolution

Twenty-one years ago on December 21 violent protests against the Ceauşescu regime began in Bucharest which hailed the end of the dictatorship. Romania will be ... » more


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