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Bedrov, Ivan

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1.  Club Z - Bulgaria | 14/07/2014

Goodbye and thanks for nothing, Mr Oresharski

The government of Prime Minister Plamen Oresharsky in Bulgaria plans to resign at the end of July and leave the day-to-day running of the country ... » more

2.  Blog Ivan Bedrov - Bulgaria | 03/09/2013

Roger Waters pulls down Bulgarian wall

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters voiced his support for the protests against the Bulgarian government at a performance of his The Wall Live concert in ... » more

3.  Blog Ivan Bedrov - Bulgaria | 28/03/2013

Bulgaria's small businesses devastated

Bulgaria's catastrophic economic situation is above all due to long years of cracking down on small and mid-sized enterprises by the Borisov government and corruption ... » more

4.  Blog Ivan Bedrov - Bulgaria | 14/03/2013

Bulgarian schools are totally uncool

An English teacher in the southern Bulgarian city of Plovdiv has been sacked because he danced the "Harlem Shake" with his students and published the ... » more

5.  Trud - Bulgaria | 05/02/2013

Bulgaria under pressure after bus attack

Bulgaria on Tuesday officially declared the Lebanese Hezbollah movement responsible for the attack in Burgas in July 2012, in which six Israelis and one Bulgarian ... » more

6.  Blog Ivan Bedrov - Bulgaria | 15/10/2012

New budget plan fleeces Bulgarians

Bulgaria's government presented its budget plan for 2013 last Wednesday, pointing out that it was particularly generous. Instead of throwing more money into a bottomless ... » more

7.  Blog Ivan Bedrov - Bulgaria | 20/09/2012

Ivan Bedrov warns against the glorification of communism

Propagated by the media and advertising, the idea that everything was better under communism is increasingly worming its way into the minds of young Bulgarians, ... » more

8.  Blog Ivan Bedrov - Bulgaria | 07/09/2012

Communist leader has no place in front of townhall

The mayor of the village of Beli Izvor in northern Bulgaria recently replaced the European flag in front of the town hall with a portrait ... » more

9.  Blog Ivan Bedrov - Bulgaria | 31/07/2012

Bulgaria mourns no Mustafa

The victims of the terrorist bomb attack in the Black Sea resort of Burgas on 18 July included five Israeli holiday-makers and one Bulgarian citizen ... » more

10.  Blog Ivan Bedrov - Bulgaria | 12/07/2012

Bulgaria's policians fear independent judiciary

Miroslava Todorova, Chair of the Bulgarian Judges Association, was dismissed from office on Thursday after severely criticising the lack of reform efforts on the part ... » more


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