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Battistini, Francesco

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Corriere della Sera - Italy | 01/09/2015

Violence in Kiev destabilises Ukraine

At least one person was killed and more than a hundred injured by a grenade during protests against a constitutional reform outside the parliament in Kiev on Monday. The reform approved special laws for the areas controlled by separatists in the east of the country. Such violence will only further destabilise the country, the liberal conservative daily Corriere della Sera comments: "The conflict is not just between the East, which can count on 50,000 'volunteers' from Putin, and the West, which is protected by Obama's stealth jets. No, in Kiev it's all about opting either for an 'inseparable Ukraine, Europe's bulwark' or for a Donbass with more autonomy. For the president and chocolate mogul this is a bitter and necessary decision that both the Minsk ceasefire agreement and an economy on the brink of collapse demand. Grenades and aggressive rhetoric are the opposite of what is needed now."

Corriere della Sera - Italy | 31/01/2014

Nothing but theatre of the absurd

The Syria peace talks are nothing but theatre of the absurd, the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera complains: "What is the only thing on which they were able to reach an agreement? On silence. The noble minute of silence, or at least that which the delegations held in remembrance of the 130,000 victims of the three-year war. And the disgraceful silence that will end the first round of the Geneva II talks today. ... In this absurd theatre of diplomacy [UN mediator] Brahimi believes that it's still better to stumble through talks than to die a wretched death in Syria. ... Yet he knows that this choreography, this all but useless display of a UN peace, will not end the tragedy. Hope can only come - if at all - from the other salons of the Palace of Nations in Geneva where the US and Iran are due to resume their talks in February."

Corriere della Sera - Italy | 20/02/2013

No one rescuing Tunisia from crisis

Tunisia's Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali announced his resignation on Tuesday after failing to put together a government of technocrats. This puts paid to all hopes of the governmental crisis being resolved quickly, the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera fears: "One after another, the men who have tried to save Tunisia from chaos are falling. … Jebali has lost his impossible battle against the power-hungry leader of the Islamic Ennahda party, Rashid al-Ghannushi. Jebali, a co-founder of the Islamic movement, had realised that they wouldn't get very far with the 'prayer bump' on their foreheads alone and that a concept for reform was needed. But al-Ghannushi rejected the idea. Giving up power was out of the question for Ennahda. The Jasmin Revolution may, as Jebali says, not have failed, but it is bearing little fruit two years after the revolts."

Corriere della Sera - Italy | 12/04/2012

Formula 1 circus ignores human rights

The controversial Formula 1 race in Bahrain won't be called off despite the unrest in the country, the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) announced today, Friday. There had been numerous calls for the race to be cancelled from organisations like Amnesty International. The whole discussion is just about money, not human rights, the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera points out: "Bahrain yes or no? A year after the unrest the Arab Spring still hasn't ended in Bahrain, and perhaps never even began. ... The revolution is too serious a matter to allow the starting line to decide its fate. … No one is worried about human rights in Bahrain or any other country; wouldn't they hold the race in China or Malaysia? But the teams are worried about having to pay high contractual penalties for a boycott, while the Sheik of Manama is anxious about his investment in the McLaren drivers."

Corriere della Sera - Italy | 02/11/2009

Palestine's hopes on the back burner

Following US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's visit to Israel last weekend the Israeli government under Benjamin Netanyahu has stressed its willingness to resume peace talks with the Palestinians, but on its own terms, the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera notes: "A year of historical speeches in Cairo and fruitless missions in Jerusalem [since US President Barack Obama took office]. A year for the realisation to dawn that everything has changed but nothing is changing. … The icy smile of Hillary Clinton telling us that freezing the settlement policy is no longer necessary is exactly the opposite of what was shown and said up to now. It puts the hopes of the Palestinians on ice and warms the hearts of the Israeli majority. … So what happens now with the poor man [Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas]? Threatened by Hamas, which dreams of toppling him in the presidential elections in January, and abandoned by Washington, he has been driven into a corner."

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