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Bartkiewicz, Artur

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1.  Wprost Online - Poland | 03/02/2012

Nobel Prize winner brought poetry to people

The Polish poet and Nobel Prize winner Wisława Szymborska died on Wednesday aged 88.The conservative news portal Wprost Online praises her as a great - ... » more

2.  Wprost Online - Poland | 23/01/2012

Palikot refrains from toking in parliament

The left-leaning Polish politician Janusz Palikot, whose provocative election campaign surprisingly earned him a seat in the Polish parliament last autumn, refrained from smoking a ... » more

3.  Wprost Online - Poland | 16/12/2011

Investors right to be wary of Italy

Debt-stricken Italy is currently having to pay an average yield of 6.47 percent on its five-year government bonds. This is the highest yield on Italian ... » more

4.  Wprost Online - Poland | 01/12/2011

Entire Polish football association corrupt

The Polish Football Association PZPN on Wednesday voted its general secretary Zdzisław Kręcina out of office amidst allegations of corruption in connection with the ... » more

5.  Wprost Online - Poland | 07/11/2011

Kaczyńskis rule is destroying his party

The Polish opposition leader Jarosłav Kaczyński expelled the MEP Zbigniew Ziobro and two other members from his PiS party because they had called for more ... » more

6.  Wprost Online - Poland | 13/07/2010

Stars above the law

The release of Roman Polanski sends the wrong message, Artur Bartkiewicz writes in the online edition of news magazine Wprost, saying that stars shouldn't be ... » more

7.  Wprost Online - Poland | 12/05/2010

Credit guarantees encourage states to be careless

The EU's credit guarantees for states in financial trouble will encourage governments to act less responsibly, the liberal-conservative news magazine Wprost writes: "Bankruptcy is a ... » more

8.  Wprost Online - Poland | 23/03/2010

Sex boycott against Ukrainian government

Feminist organisations in Ukraine have called on the wives and lovers of members of government to castigate their husbands with a sex boycott. Their grievance: ... » more

9.  Wprost Online - Poland | 16/02/2010

Artur Bartkiewicz on never-ending communism

In Poland the shadow of communism has still not been entirely removed, writes journalist Artur Bartkiewiecz commenting on an annoying experience he had with the ... » more


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