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Bardem, Pilar

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1 article of this author has been cited in the European Press Review so far. - Spain | 19/06/2014

The people should decide on head of state

In a democracy it should be the people who decide who becomes head of state, several dozen Spanish artists contend. In a manifesto published in the left-leaning online daily they call for a referendum on the form the Spanish state should take: "70 percent of our country's population was not allowed to have its say in the vote on the constitution in 1978. Therefore we demand that the people, with whom the sovereignty rests, have their say and decide in a referendum whether they want a monarchy or a republic, a monarchy or a democracy. We call for the start of a comprehensive constitutional reform that ensures that all institutions are elected by the people. We in the cultural world, like millions of other citizens, ask ourselves an obvious question: if one head of state is replaced by another, why can't we citizens decide who occupies that post?"

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