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Barazon, Ronald

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Salzburger Nachrichten - Austria | 19/11/2015

Cut IS's money supplies

The allies against the IS should finally take serious steps to cut off the jihadists' money and weapons supplies, demands the Christian-liberal daily Salzburger Nachrichten: "IS oil facilities were attacked for the first time on Monday. … Clearly it takes a massacre in a European capital and the bombing of a Russian aircraft to convince the US, the UK, France and Russia that the murderers can only be stopped if their money supplies are cut off. The murders in Paris were only possible because the international weapons trade continues to flourish unabated. The jihadists were able to buy all kinds of equipment without any problems. People like to talk about the black market but these weapons are not made in backyards. They are high tech devices that are made in cutting edge factories. Many respected states - including the allied states that are waging war against the IS - have either direct or indirect stakes in these factories, or at least have an interest in them."

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