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Balogová, Beata

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Sme - Slovakia | 07/09/2015

Voluntary helpers more Christian than politicians

Fortunately many people in Eastern Europe are more sympathetic to the refugees' plight than their politicians, the liberal daily Sme writes: "It's incomprehensible that of all countries the Visegrád states, which still bear the scars left by years of bondage, have so little understanding for these people's desire to live in freedom. Cold-hearted shilly-shallying is their only response to one of the biggest humanitarian crises since World War II. But it's a different story altogether with the aid packages that the Slovakian people are bringing over the border to the refugees in Budapest or the main station in Vienna. They testify to a wave of humanitarian compassion. ... While the politicians are happy to pose as defenders of Christianity, the people are showing what Christianity really means. Let's hope the rest of the world judges our region not on the basis of what our politicians are saying but by what the people are doing to help when help is most urgently needed."

Sme - Slovakia | 28/08/2015

Slovakia must not ignore refugee drama

Until now Slovakia has not been a destination for the tens of thousands of refugees coming to Europe via the Western Balkans. But the lorry of death discovered on Thursday on a motorway south of Vienna once belonged to a Slovakian company, and that alone should prompt Slovakians to reflect on their attitude towards the refugees, the liberal daily Sme admonishes: "This horrible tragedy not far from our borders reminds us that the refugees are also our problem. The Slovakian logo on the lorry in which dozens of people suffocated isn't the only thing that binds us to the refugees. ... Such alarming dramas are taking place all around us on a daily basis. Nonetheless many Slovakians go on turning a blind eye and saying the tragedy has nothing to do with them. But such an assertion is wrong - and a tragedy in itself."

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