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Balbay, Mustafa

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Cumhuriyet - Turkey | 02/09/2014

Erdoğan wants to abolish separation of powers

A third wave of arrests took place in Turkey on Monday, in which 32 police officers were detained on charges of having engaged in activities against the government. At the same time investigations against 696 suspects in the corruption scandal, including President Erdoğan's son Bilal, have been dropped. The Kemalist daily Cumhuriyet sees the separation of powers in Turkey in danger: "The decisions on search warrants, arrests and detentions were taken by judges who for the most part comply with the government's wishes. ... The government has always wanted to control the judiciary. But this time it's going further still. Now it doesn't just want control over the judiciary, it wants to be the judiciary. ... Erdoğan wants to gain enough power in the next elections to be able to change the constitution and bring the AKP government completely under his control. If he can, he won't even need the judiciary any more."

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