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Bajruši, Robert

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Jutarnji list - Croatia | 20/11/2015

Exodus to Europe: EU using terrorism as excuse to seal itself off

Since Wednesday Serbia and Macedonia have only been letting in refugees from the crisis countries of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, turning all others away at the borders. This hypocritical decision plays into the hands of both the jihadists and Europe's far right, the liberal daily Jutarnji list believes: "Abdelhamid Abaaoud has done it. The ringleader of the barbarian killings in Paris has achieved his goal. For fear of Islamic terrorism, Europe is equating refugees with fanatics and closing its doors. ... The IS and other extremist organisations have every reason to rejoice. And what's more, after months of decrying the dangers of Islam, Europe's xenophobes are also reaping the rewards. ... The governments of the EU have reached a tacit agreement which they justify on the hypocritical grounds that as of now they will only save refugees from crisis zones because all the others aren't really faring so poorly in their own countries."

Jutarnji list - Croatia | 20/10/2015

Croatia overwhelmed by flood of refugees

It's only a matter of time before new fences are erected in Eastern Europe, the liberal daily Jutarnji list believes: "Panic is the worst thing that can happen to those fleeing to Croatia. But the situation is growing worse by the day. There are far more people on the Serbian-Croatian border than Slovenia is willing to take in, and to judge by the current situation it looks like that is not about to change. In such circumstances only two options are open: either Germany, Sweden and Austria guarantee that they are willing to take in all the refugees, or Croatia will soon have to close its border with Serbia. That would be the least satisfactory solution, but there will be no other option if the country wants to avoid becoming a huge reception centre for which we have neither the material nor the psychological resources."

Jutarnji list - Croatia | 02/10/2015

Ex-prime minister's release amnesties HDZ

The highest court in Croatia has overturned the corruption sentence passed down on former prime minister Ivo Sanader for technical reasons. The ruling comes at just the right moment for the co-defendant opposition HDZ party, the liberal daily Jutarnji List notes: "Less than two months before the parliamentary elections Sanader's release is a political issue, even if it has little influence on voting. ... Sanader's 'not guilty' verdict also amnesties the HDZ, which is now led by Tomislav Karamarko. He could not have wished for a better gift in this election campaign. Just a few months ago the HDZ was branded a criminal organisation, in whose party headquarters whole sacks of money traded hands. Karamarko's only answer was that as minister of the interior [2008-2011] he was the one who had made the fight against corruption possible in the first place. He excluded Sanader from the party but was always careful not to call him a criminal."

Jutarnji list - Croatia | 09/03/2015

Croatian has little chance of winning top UN post

Croatia's Foreign Minister Vesna Pusić announced on Saturday that she will run for the post of UN Secretary General. But because of Croatia's one-sided orientation in foreign policy her candidature won't get enough backing, the liberal daily Jutarnji List comments: "To win the support of the majority of countries in the UN General Assembly you need broader support than just that of the US and the European states. Whereby it's not even clear whether all Europe would back the Croatian candidate. It's almost certain that there will also be candidates from Slovakia, Bulgaria and Lithuania - including politicians with very respectable CVs. ... For years Croatia's foreign policy has been oriented solely towards its Western allies, to the exclusion of everyone else. This ignorance will pose an obstacle to Vesna Pusić's ambitions."

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