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Başaran, Kenan

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Hürriyet - Turkey | 18/12/2014

Beşiktas fans may win coup trial

The trial against 35 fans of the Istanbul football club Beşiktas began on Tuesday. The "Çarşı" fan group is accused of planning to topple the government during the Gezi Park protests and its members face lifelong prison sentences. But the evidence against them is so flimsy that the politicians won't push through harsh punishment, columnist Kenan Başaran contends in the conservative daily Hürriyet: "On paper Çarşı neither has a chairman nor the structure of an association. You'll find many Beşitkaş fans on the street who describe themselves as Çarşı members, because Çarşı is not an association but a state of mind. ... I'm convinced that it won't be possible to prolong this trial and find evidence of a coup. The rest will be left to the politicians, but I doubt they are very interested in the Çarşı trial. It will probably end after two or three sessions with light punishments for the damage of public property."

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