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Aznavour, Charles

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Le Figaro - France | 13/08/2014

Put Iraqi refugees in French villages, says Charles Aznavour

The hundreds of thousands of Iraqis fleeing the IS militias could be housed in France's deserted villages, suggests the Armenian-French chansonnier Charles Aznavour: "In the current situation Christians, Kurds, Yazidi, Muslims and Armenians have to flee their country as quickly as possible. … But where should they go? And why not to France? During recent tours and trips across France I have come across charming villages that are completely deserted. The people who lived there have left, so why should they not be replaced with people who need somewhere to live? Why should we not hand over these 'ghost villages' to the refugees? They would have to build them up again, breathe new life into them and farm the land which is certainly fertile. They would be able to live in peace and almost independently. There are builders and decorators among them, but also bakers, butchers, doctors, dentists and mechanics whose professionalism is commendable. I have no worries about their ability to integrate."

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