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Azihari, Ferghane

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Contrepoints - France | 25/07/2015

Authoritarianism becoming the norm in France

France's constitutional court gave the green light last week for a law allowing mass surveillance of phones and Internet connections. The state is taking control of its citizens' private sphere, writes politics student Ferghane Azihari in the liberal online magazine Contrepoints: "By approving the surveillance law the constitutional council has shown that political counterweights are nothing but a fantasy in this country. Pure legend. In the past constitutional norms have never prevented governments from taking more and more control over our lives. … Constitutionalism has become a guarantee that we accept governmental dominance. … The most worrying aspect is that it can all run smoothly because the population clearly won't rebel against this mafia-like intrusion into our private lives. Authoritarianism has become the rule; freedom the exception."

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