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Azevedo Fernandes, Tiago

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Jornal de Notícias - Portugal | 16/12/2010

Wikileaks unmasks Western power elites

Seldom has the precarious stability of Western democracies been as manifest as it is after the Wikileaks revelations, writes Tiago Azevedo Fernandes in the daily Jornal de Notícias: "The reactions of the unmasked states show how foul our power elites really are. The case is as simple as it is horrifying. ... Countries we believed had mature legal structures like Sweden and the UK are horribly susceptible to political pressure. The prosecution of Julian Assange on the basis of a banal accusation by two Swedish women who now regret sharing a bed with someone they had known only for a few hours is unacceptable. If this fails to cause a tremor in civil society, we really deserve the sad state of those countries which we had considered unfavourable to human rights or even fundamentalist up to now. And in that case we won't even feel our freedom has been robbed from us, because we never really wanted it after all."

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