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Aydın, Mustafa

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Hürriyet Daily News - Turkey | 30/01/2014

Only compromise can save Ukraine

The Ukrainian parliament approved an amnesty for arrested protesters on Wednesday. The opposition did not participate in the vote and criticised that the protesters' camps have to be cleared as a prerequisite for the amnesty. If a political solution is to be found in Ukraine, all those involved must be willing to make compromises, the liberal daily Hürriyed Daily News writes: "At this point, what is at stake is the soul of the country, not just political power. Both the government and opposition parties have responsibility now in solving the crisis. Without concessions from both sides, hopes for a negotiated end will diminish fast. The external actors such as Russia, the EU and the U.S. should not further strain the matter but should instead encourage both sides to douse the flames. Otherwise, we might find ourselves looking into a conflict spiral toward a civil war and a possibly bloody split in Ukraine."

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