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Avram, Alex

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Ziare - Romania | 30/10/2012

Romania could use a king

To mark the 91st birthday of Romania's former king Michael, a bust was unveiled and a square named after him last Thursday in Bucharest. The news website Ziare contemplates a return to monarchy: "Not even in the Ceauşescu era when villages were torn down and Jews and Germans sold off in return for hard currency was Romania's reputation in the West as bad as it is now. … For this reason the return to monarchy would give the country a major boost. … This step would catapult the country back to the top league of Central and Eastern European post-socialist states. … Everyone would benefit from the resulting improvement in our image. … The Romanians urgently need a symbol - without dispensing with democracy and freedom. None of the current politicians busy defending their gigantic material interests could become such a symbol to unite the nation. But a nation that no longer believes in anything can also be dangerous for its wealthy members."

Ziare - Romania | 12/03/2012

Only idiots deny Romanian Holocaust

Dan Şova, spokesman of the social democratic PSD, the main opposition party in Romania, was temporarily suspended from office last week for denying the Holocaust after making comments on television to the effect that the Romanian Jews had not suffered. The comments met with fierce protest. The news portal Ziare points out that there have already been several such incidents within the PSD: "It is doubtful that this is pure coincidence, because back in 2003 [the PSD culture minister at the time] Răzvan Teodorescu made a comment similar to Dan Şova's, triggering a political earthquake that had to be appeased from the top level to protect Romania's strategic interests at a time when it wasn't sure the country would be allowed to join Nato. … We live in a dangerous world in which the security of Romania depends heavily on its relations with its Western allies. But in the capitals of the Western world such comments are regarded as extremely foolish, to say the least."

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