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Avăcăriţei, Gabriel

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Voxpublica - Romania | 13/10/2010

Hunger strike for legal security in Romania

Romanian teacher Cristina Anghel has been on a hunger strike for fifty days. She wants a law that was passed in 2008 promising teachers a rise in salaries to be applied nationwide. Some politicians claim she is blackmailing the government, but Gabriel Avăcăriţei voices her support for Anghel in her blog on Voxpublica: "Cristina Anghel is not only demanding that her salary be raised. The symbolic pressure she is exerting through her self-sacrifice is not confined to securing advantages for herself and her colleagues. If this were the case one could indeed talk of blackmail, and reason would prevent us from giving in. … But Cristina Anghel has gone on hunger strike and is risking her life for the sake of a principle: the fundamental right to legal security in a state based on the rule of law. She is threatening to destroy herself so that the law is applied. These are important principles for each of us, which in recent times have all too often been ignored. … This is the symbolic power that Cristina Anghel has acquired in the past 50 days."

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