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Austyn, Marcin

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Nasz Dziennik - Poland | 15/09/2009

Against gradual Germanisation

The national Catholic daily Nasz Dziennik is annoyed that in the former German territories of western Poland German is being promoted as the lingua franca, and fears "a gradual Germanisation": "In both Upper and Lower Silesia we are seeing a growing number of initiatives aimed at promoting German, particularly in those areas that were historically Prussian. This is not just an instrumentalisation of history but is also incompatible with our national interests. The struggle for the right to hold up banners that say 'Upper Silesia' at [sport] stadiums, the local communities reverting to the use of German designations according to the 'de-communisation' motto [breaking with the communist legacy]: these are only part of the initiatives that will reinforce - consciously or unconsciously - the separation of Silesia from Poland."

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