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Augstein, Jakob

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1.  Spiegel Online - Germany | 09/11/2015

Exodus to Europe: Ministers rebel against chancellor

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble on Sunday expressed support for Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière's demand that Syrian refugees should no longer have the right ... » more

2.  Spiegel Online - Germany | 15/01/2015

Western concept of Islam is pure fiction

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reaffirmed in a government statement on Thursday that Islam belongs to Germany. But this debate is based on a fundamental mistake ... » more

3.  Spiegel Online - Germany | 01/01/2015

Don't interfere with Greek elections

Leading politicians of the left-wing Syriza party want to water down the austerity policy if they win the parliamentary elections. European politicians in turn threaten ... » more

4.  Spiegel Online - Germany | 06/11/2012

Total capitalism will continue after Nov. 6

Regardless of who emerges as the new president, the US will continue to be ruled by a highly destructive form of capitalism even after the ... » more

5.  Spiegel Online - Germany | 05/06/2012

German fiscal discipline doesn't apply to Israel

In answer to questions over its exports of submarines to Israel, the German government has said that it is coving the cost of a single ... » more

6.  Spiegel Online - Germany | 09/09/2011

Divide between Muslims and Westeners absurd

The 9/11 attacks opened up a deep global divide but there is cause for hope, writes publisher Jakob Augstein in his column for the news ... » more

7.  Komment - Hungary | 08/08/2011

Jakob Augstein on why the US is not a Western state

Political conflict and aggressive militarism have turned the US into an undemocratic state, comments the German journalist Jakob Augstein in the opinion portal Komment: "Last ... » more

8.  Spiegel Online - Germany | 01/07/2011

Fake enthusiasm for women's football

All the fuss about the Women's Football World Cup is just a sham, writes publisher Jakob Augstein on the news portal Spiegel Online, saying the ... » more

9.  Der Freitag - Germany | 17/01/2011

Jakob Augstein on German and French worries

In his best-selling book Indignez-Vous! (Get indignant!) the former diplomat and resistance fighter Stéphane Hessel calls on the French to be more socially active and ... » more


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