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Auer, Matthias

Die Presse

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Die Presse - Austria | 14/12/2015

Only a diplomatic pseudo-success

The climate agreement lacks substance, complains the liberal-conservative daily Die Presse: "For the first time rich and poor countries have undertaken to fight climate change. That sounds good, really good even. But unfortunately it's not quite true. All the states may have signed the agreement in Paris, but that wasn't all that much of a feat. The Paris agreement lacks the wherewithal to achieve its own goal of keeping global warming below two degrees above pre-industrial levels. The gap between the target and the reality is huge. There can be no talk here of a commitment to climate protection by everyone. And with precisely that lack of commitment the negotiators bought this diplomatic pseudo-success in advance. Since the climate conference in Copenhagen it's been clear that from that point on each country was free to decide for itself when, how and by how much to reduce its greenhouse emissions."

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