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Audrain, Alice

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Le Nouvel Observateur - France | 23/10/2014

Era of innocence ends in Canada

The attack will worsen the social and political climate in Canada, the Canadian Alice Audrain writes in the left-liberal weekly magazine Le Nouvel Observateur: "Clearly security regulations will be tightened, delivering a blow to Canada's tradition of openness. The same will hold for counter-terrorism legislation, which incidentally had been under discussion in parliament on Wednesday. ... As certain political reactions already show, the Conservatives will not hesitate to play on emotions and use this shooting to toughen the laws. ... The fact that the attacker's passport had been confiscated has also been the subject of much discussion. Is this not an invitation to carry out an attack in the country one is living in instead? What is certain is that this is the end of an era for Canada: the era of innocence."

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