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Aucante, Yohann

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Le Monde - France | 22/09/2010

The older generations vote for the Right

The success of the right-wing populist Sweden Democrats is down to one central reason, writes political scientist Yohann Aucante in the daily Le Monde: "With the 31-year-old activist Jimmie Åkesson at its head, the party stems from the radical and xenophobic right wing that nourishes many splinter groups in Scandinavia. Nevertheless it has introduced a novelty by targeting the questions of immigration, security and social welfare which has allowed it to broaden its audience - notably among the aged. Already well established in the south of Sweden, the Sweden Democrats have now made considerable inroads - if not always at the same rate - into the rest of the country. ... In many ways this evolution finally situates Sweden in the European context where more or less xenophobic right-wing formations are part and parcel of political life."

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