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Assheuer, Thomas

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Die Zeit - Germany | 13/02/2009

Thomas Assheuer on the Pope's Catholic antimodernism

Reflecting on Benedict XVI's rehabilitation of the four bishops of the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X, Thomas Assheuer writes in the weekly paper Die Zeit on the Pope's Catholic antimodernism. "In his fight against liberalism, Pope Benedict has rendered respectable the anti-Semitism of the Society of St. Pius. Therein lies a much-decried political scandal, as well as a still unapprehended theological one. Because it now appears clear just who the Roman Catholic Church represents. It does not represent the suffering Redeemer who faced the world, but the victorious Christ of Platonic theology proclaiming the one, triumphant truth: as diabolical as circumstances might be at present, ultimately the timeless salvation of the Church will win out over the ungodly era of modernism. ... By the looks of things the liberal mainstream has carried off a fine victory here without making the slightest effort. And the esoteric home-made religions for whom the Gospel's moral claim to the absolute was always a thorn in their side may also triumph. The truth is that Benedict's interregnum as world intellectual, as the voice of hope in a global society furrowed by religious and cultural clashes, is history. The Messianic energies of modernity which for one historic moment ironically found asylum in Rome have moved on to Barack Obama. Because let's not forget, there is also life before death."

Die Zeit - Germany | 17/12/2008

Thomas Assheuer on media and the daily slog in the crisis

Thomas Assheuer writes in the weekly newspaper Die Zeit about how the media blunts our awareness of the economic and ecologigcal crisis: "It sounds strange, but the unrelenting reports on the crisis help to counteract their own message. The same media that report on the catastrophe ... at the same time weaken its impact. Why? Because the shock that the media machine packs into its iconography is deactivated through incessant repetition. The photograph of the New York broker dragging a cardboard box over to his Porsch after being laid off does document the decline of Wall Street. But it also fits what was hitherto unimaginable into a reassuring framework, like the images of the polar bear mother and her young facing a sad end on a slab of ice. The serial monotony with which the apocalypse is being burned into our collective consciousness makes us oblivious to the very danger it seeks to warn us of. To put it more drastically: the truth dies by being reported in the media."

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