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Assekour, Hélène

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Le Monde - France | 08/08/2012

Education helps combat sexual harassment

The Belgian film student Sofie Peeters has shot a film showing how women are harassed on the streets of Brussels, primarily by men of North African origin. The video has launched a public debate in Belgium. The protection of women requires special laws and above all an education free of prejudice, write members of the French organisation Oser le feminisme (Dare to be feminist) in the left-liberal daily Le Monde: "A law on all the acts of violence perpetrated against women would show the government's determination to fight each specific type of violence. But it is illusory to think that a law alone would suffice. ... To attack violence and street harassment at its root, it's above all stereotypes that must be combated by fostering notions of equality and liberty in the young from a very early age. The raised awareness and the indignation that we are seeing today are the first steps toward an understanding on everyone's part that such behaviour is unacceptable and must stop."

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