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Assange, Julian

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Le Monde - France | 03/07/2015

Julian Assange praises France as a humanitarian model

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has requested asylum from French President François Hollande in an open letter. The centre-left daily Le Monde publishes the document in which the Internet activist praises France as a model in the area of human rights: "If France grants me asylum it will be a humanitarian but also a symbolic gesture; encouragement for journalists and whistleblowers all over the world who risk their lives on a daily basis to bring their fellow men one step closer to the truth. And it would send a signal to all those who are taken by inflated self-esteem and betray their values by constantly attacking those who refuse to go along with them. For a long time France was a beacon of hope and a model for many people and peoples all over the world. And even today its myths still inspire and enrich the childhoods of many."

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