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Assaf, Fadi

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Le Figaro - France | 21/09/2015

Exodus from Europe: The risks of empathy

Europe must not take the immigration of millions of refugees lightly, warns Fadi Assaf, advisor for Middle East strategies in Beirut, in the conservative daily Le Figaro: "To remain open, welcoming and tolerant, the European and Western societies must finally demonstrate responsibility. Compassion is wonderful, but perhaps not at the price of security and stability. Does Europe really need a lumpenproletariat when unemployment rates are already so high in several countries? And showing responsibility presupposes being in a position to induce new arrivals to espouse your values, rather than allowing them to change you. Millions of migrants still have access to Western Europe across the Mediterranean or through Turkey. By the looks of it, the reserves are inexhaustible. Europe must now rethink its moral defences."

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