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Aslanov, Yuri

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24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 29/04/2015

High expectations leave Bulgarians saddened

In the United Nation's World Happiness Report, Bulgaria ranked 123 out of a total of 158 countries, lower than many developing states and crisis regions. This is mainly due to the Bulgarians' excessive expectations, the daily Trud believes: "We're unhappy because we have a much higher basis for comparison than people in Cameroon, for example. Older people yearn for the bygone times when they had it better, and the young compare their lives with those of the rich people in the West. From an objective point of view, Bulgarians live better than they did 25 years ago. But they refuse to admit it because their expectations of a good life have developed faster than the possibilities for leading one. That is the sad truth."

24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 14/02/2015

Mixed results for Borisov II in Bulgaria

100 days after forming a government in Bulgaria the daily 24 Chasa takes stock of the cabinet's performance so far: "Despite the difficulties in forming a coalition Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has achieved a stable parliamentary majority. He has created a four-year perspective for his mandate - or at least that's how it looks at the moment. ... On the negative side is the worsened situation in the public health system. And the promises to introduce electronic government and make the corresponding legal amendments have yet to be made good on. But the biggest weakness is the lack of investment. The government is increasing public debt and expanding the deficit. It is relying on EU subsidies and loans, but that's not a good perspective either economically or socially."

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