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Askew, Charlie

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Prospect Magazine - United Kingdom | 21/03/2013

Joseph Muscat reminiscent of Tony Blair

The social democrat Joseph Muscat was elected as the new prime minister of Malta on March 11. The left-liberal magazine Prospect draws parallels between Muscat and the former Labour leader and British prime minister Tony Blair: "Muscat has successfully detoxified Labour. But, like Blair, he will face the challenge of satisfying the competing needs of his new and old voters; those demanding lower taxes and wealth generation versus those in manufacturing and manual labour with shrinking wages, threatened by globalisation and immigration. Muscat will not lead his country to war, but he is leading a country in a fundamental state of redefinition. As the landslide result hides the still-present division in Malta, he must tread a fine line in balancing his priorities and avoiding entrenched interests. Malta is only a step away from re-embracing division and disharmony. If Muscat overreaches, Blair's fate may befall him too."

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