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Ashkenazy, Yiftach

Ashkenazy, Yiftach

Yiftach Ashkenazy was born in 1980 in Karmiel, Israel. He lives in Jerusalem, studies Cultural Studies at Hebrew University and works as a guide in Yad Vashem. He has published the books "The tales of my dying town” (OVZAP publishing house, 2003) and "Birkenau my love” (GVANIM publishing house, 2007).

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The author has so far published 1 article on euro|topics.

1.  Essay | 14/05/2008

Tough Love

The young Israeli writer Yiftach Ashkenazy asks the Europeans for more authority and strictness when dealing with Israel. An essay about cricket rules, Joschka Fischer and how the writer fell in love with Europe. » more

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