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Arzt, Ingo


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Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 24/06/2015

Syriza hasn't improved EU

The fact that Athens must make cuts in social welfare to get fresh money after all is the result of the EU's narrow-minded, nation-state dominated policy, the left-wing daily taz comments, lamenting that Syriza failed to drum up more solidarity: "[Brussels' policies] can only be explained as the result of the mental re-nationalisation of certain key European countries. It's true that Athens has received billions in loans but that has nothing to do with solidarity or the European project. … This policy needs a counter-concept. A European pre-emptive strike and the snubbing of narrow-minded nationalists: without a debt cut in the south, a common economic and social policy and pooled debt, Europe will collapse. The lamentable thing about the Greek government is that it isn't serving this cause. It has neither formed alliances for a different Europe nor is it a left-wing alternative for the continent."

Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 10/06/2015

TTIP doesn't need private arbitration tribunals

The vote on a TTIP resolution in the European Parliament that was planned for today has been postponed because more than 50 amendments have been submitted. The Socialists and Democrats Group (S&Ds) should finally see to it that the controversial private arbitration tribunals are struck entirely from the agreement, the left-leaning daily taz argues, noting that the tribunals "are the opposite of what the world needs. What it needs is fair, dignified work, protection for the environment and resources, an entirely new economic system. … Now the Socialists and Democrats Group is struggling to reach a decision on whether to reject the arbitration tribunals entirely. This could lead to a rather odd coalition securing a majority against the tribunals in the EU Parliament: the left, the Greens, the S&Ds and the MEPs of various right-wing parties who reject the TTIP out of national arrogance. … This would pave the way for a fresh start and a truly transatlantic tribunal that has everyone's rights in mind. It's up to you, S&Ds."

Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 22/12/2011

EU must hold US to CO2 emissions limit

The lawsuit brought by North American airlines against CO2 emissions limits failed in the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg on Wednesday. Despite the sanctions announced shortly afterwards the EU must insist that as of January all airlines that land or take off in the EU pay for their CO2 emissions, the left-leaning daily die tageszeitung urges: "US Foreign Secretary Hillary Clinton personally spearheaded a global alliance of 43 states that are now publicly threatening the EU with sanctions should the guidelines come into effect. They consider their sovereignty to have been violated on the grounds that the planes take off on their territory. Now the conflict will be fought out where it belongs: on the level of international policy. It is senseless to invoke national sovereignty in regards to greenhouse gas emissions - as if CO2 stopped at national borders. For that reason the EU must remain firm. In addition, environmental protection is more important than global free trade. If the EU commits itself to this principle conflicts will only become more frequent, especially with the US."

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