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Arteta, Aurelio

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El País - Spain | 20/09/2010

Aurelio Arteta on the Basque issue which doesn't end with Eta

The Basque underground organisation Eta is weakened and may be dissolved in the medium term, some observers say. But the question of Basque nationalism is far from being resolved, notes Aurelio Arteta, a professor of political philosophy in the Basque country writing in the daily El País: "First of all let's look at a glaringly obvious fact which the naïve still ignore and the incautious chose to disdain: the end of terrorism won't be the end of the Basque problem. Perhaps Eta will cease to exist one of these days, which would be wonderful, but the challenge posed by Basque nationalism is more alive than ever. If anyone thinks that our conflict is that which Eta maintains with most of society, they're wrong. For the nationalist the true conflict lies in the lack of recognition for the existence of the Basque people and their right to self-determination. It is the conflict created by the nationalist Basque ideology, the very same conflict which gave birth to Eta 50 years ago, which the parties in question reignite each day and which will persist as long as this ethnic nationalism persists."

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