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Arsene, Georgiana

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Ziare - Romania | 29/01/2013

Romanians still trapped in communism

Each year on January 26, the birthday of the deceased dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu, nostalgic Romanians visit his grave at a public cemetery in Bucharest. Romania must finally break its ties with the communist ideology, the news portal Ziare demands: "Since the bloody December of 1989 Romania has been stuck in a painful transition from communism to capitalism. The devoutly interpreted rules of the free market economy and capitalism have plunged Romania into a crisis - far removed from the global economy. It is a crisis of values and orientation. This is why more and more Romanians mourn the passing of the communist leaders. Forgotten are the degrading times before 1989, which drove them on to the streets to demand freedom. ... The fact that to this day we still haven't met the EU's criteria shows that communism is still not dead. It was simply modified, and its original form is waiting to be revived. Nothing will change in Romania as long as the current generation fails to overcome the nostalgia of its parents and grandparents who idealise communism."

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