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Arsan, Esra

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Evrensel - Turkey | 19/06/2015

Turks couldn't care less about gagged media

The Turkish police detained four journalists at the Turkish-Syrian border crossing Akçakale on Tuesday. The journalists had put critical questions to the governor of Şanlıurfa province regarding the IS terrorist forces just over the border. In view of the Turks' apathy it's no wonder state attacks against the media are an everyday occurence, the left-leaning daily Evrensel writes: "The people have lost their interest in the news. ... If the people living in this country start fighting for their democratic rights and the freedom of information, the state will have to adapt. But as long as the people don't defend people who ask questions and champion the rights of journalists, as long as they don't claim their right to the news and demand true information from politicians, the vicious circle will continue."

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