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Arro, Erik

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Eesti Päevaleht - Estonia | 06/04/2011

Nuclear disaster would be Estonia's end

In view of the nuclear catastrophe in Japan the daily Eesti Päevaleht writes that plans for the construction of a nuclear power plant should be abandoned: "The graves of the Japanese workers who died from radiation are still fresh, the malformed children are not yet born, and already calls are being voiced for the construction of a nuclear power plant. Why? After all we have enough energy: We have access to oil shale deposits, our forests are still growing and we have managed without nuclear power so far. ... How many days was Estonia without electricity in the past fifty years? That said, a day without electricity would not be such a bad thing, even perhaps a welcome rest. Humanity has accomplished many major works with nothing more than sunlight and candle-light. But without cleverness even the best paper and electric light are of no avail. However while a large country might be able to cope with the death of a million people and the contamination of large parts of its territory, small Estonia cannot afford to take this risk because one mistake would wipe the entire nation from the face of the earth."

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