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Arpi, Ivar

Columnist Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden

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Svenska Dagbladet - Sweden | 10/12/2015

Strengthen Tunisia as counter-model to IS

The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet on Thursday in Oslo must be followed by further steps to support the country, the conservative daily Svenska Dagbladet urges: "The IS's propaganda aims to show that the Islamic State is the sole alternative for devout Muslims. Tunisia, by contrast, shows that democracy is also an alternative. Which is why Tunisia is the target of IS attacks. ... In the most recent edition of its magazine, the terror organisation writes that it wants to destroy all 'grey zones' for Muslims, in other words those areas where Muslims have a lifestyle different to that dictated by the IS. That holds particularly for Muslims who want to combine their faith with democracy and secularism. Many problems still need to be worked out in Tunisia. The old police state has not yet been fully dismantled, and corruption remains widespread. In addition, Tunisians comprise the largest group of foreign jihadists. That's why Tunisia must receive all the support necessary in its fight for democracy."

Svenska Dagbladet - Sweden | 17/11/2015

Sweden's Muslims silent on radicalism

Based on population, after Belgium Sweden is the European country from which the most people have been recruited by the IS. But this problem is not being openly addressed by the Muslims living in the country, the conservative daily Svenska Dagbladet comments: "Unfortunately the Muslim communities have so far done a bad job of fighting radical Islam. Those who have tried to openly address the problem have been branded as racists or Islamophobes. One might ask why: often they condemn an Islamophobe Western world that is intent on fighting Islam - the same story al-Qaeda and the IS are telling their supporters. … Now there must be an end to this. We are not supporting radical Islam just because we defend Muslims against absurd accusations. And we are not Islamophobes just because we see the great danger that radical Islamism represents."

Svenska Dagbladet - Sweden | 29/07/2014

Fracking makes Europe more free

The British government began receiving tenders for fracking licences for the first time in six years on Monday. Sweden and the rest of Europe should also set aside their doubts about this controversial method for mining oil and gas, the conservative daily Svenska Dagbladet believes: "Certainly fracking entails risks. ... But Sweden won't be able to cover its energy demands with renewable energies alone. And for other European countries this is doubly true. Sweden doesn't need Russian gas exports, but countries like Finland, Lithuania, Bulgaria and above all Germany and Poland depend on Putin's gas. Shale gas and in the long term shale oil can make Europe more independent. This also goes for our oil imports from the Gulf states, where our money directly benefits undemocratic regimes."

Svenska Dagbladet - Sweden | 03/07/2014

Scandals don't hurt Sweden Democrats

Despite several scandals the approval rating of the right-wing populist Sweden Democrats (SD) remains stable at around ten percent. The party will also emerge unscathed from media reports according to which the party leadership for years covered up the fact that one of its high-ranking members served a prison sentence, the conservative daily Svenska Dagbladet predicts: "Firstly only a very limited number of parties want to restrict immigration here in Sweden. ... Secondly, the SD voters distrust journalists more than most people. Many don't believe critical reports and see them as a smear campaign by the mainstream media. ... The SD is the only party that represents the anti-immigration mood in Sweden. Stopping its sympathisers from voting for less immigration would take a far bigger scandal than simply the revelation that someone in the SD has a criminal past."

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