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Arnold, Bruce,

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The Irish Independent - Ireland | 07/01/2013

Don't be deceived by myth of Europe

The hymns of praise sung by the Irish government to the European project are just hot air, the left-liberal daily Irish Independent writes, accusing the EU of a lack of understanding as far as democracy is concerned: "The event conformed with myth-making which is part of our current self-evaluation as it is also that of the EU. The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to our European/EU rulers was the latest bit of such myth-making, an attempt to create the erroneous idea that Europe's great contribution over the past 60 years has fostered peace where there was war and has spread democracy, protecting and enhancing it. The EU has not done that. Democracy has been diminished not enhanced. We do not elect those who primarily govern us. We are now governed by EU bureaucrats unelected and overweening in their arrogance. Others have fought the wars establishing peace."

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