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Ambinder, Marc

Blogger of US-Magazine The Week

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The Week - U.S. | 23/10/2013

Global perspectives: Obama must know Merkel's plans

The phone hacking operation against allies in Europe is politically necessary from the US's point of view and for that reason legitimate - but it could well have been taken to extremes, journalist and blogger Marc Ambinder writes in the US weekly The Week: "When war and peace are at stake, knowing that German Chancellor Angela Merkel means what she says about sticking to a particular course is very useful because it will help the president of the United States figure out how to balance what we should do with what Germany, in this case, can do and what the German political system will allow Angela Merkel to do. When you look at how the information is gathered, the lines begin to blur. ... It feels like we are treating the good guys with less respect than they deserve, because they are our friends and in most instances, they help us when we need help."

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