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Armanios, Rachad

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Le Courrier - Switzerland | 06/08/2013

University headscarf ban stigmatises Muslims

In a report released on Monday, France's High Council for Integration calls for a ban on headscarves at universities. The recommendation comes in response to demands at several colleges. But the interests of Muslims must not be overlooked, the left-leaning daily Le Courrier warns: "Unlike opposition to certain subjects motivated by religious obscurantism, headscarves cannot in themselves be considered to 'interfere with teaching activities and the public order'. Spreading the headscarf ban [at schools] to universities would thus constitute a violation of religious freedom and the right to education. Whether or not the proposal fails, it has already helped to stigmatise Muslims even more than they already were. Because the way they are dealt with by politicians and the press causes them to be perceived as a menace, and this only prompts some of them to become more radical. That's a paradox: because the ultimate goal is to integrate them."

Le Courrier - Switzerland | 15/02/2008

Is provocation the best response to extremists ?

Rachad Armanios reproaches Danish papers for having republished a caricature of the prophet Mohamed on February 13th as a reaction to a foiled attempt to assassinate a caricaturist in Denmark. "When extremists - according to the police - attempt to add oil to the fire, should we play their game and flex our muscles ? ... Instead of taking sides with the majority of Muslims - who are hostage to these fanatics- the same caricatures that accuse them are published again and again. The Danish papers and the others could have thought up new drawings, more subtle ones capable of denouncing at a glance not Islam, but the fanatic excesses that this religion, as well as all the other ones, can lead to. This 'nuance' is unlikely on today's agenda, judging by the unreserved, opportunistic reception French politicians and media are giving the new 'Muslim Marianne', the Somali Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who only sees death and desolation in the Koran and the prophet."

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