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Armanca, Brindusa

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Revista 22 - Romania | 31/10/2013

Without newspapers paper banished to the loo

Always so patient and reliable, paper is now going through hard times, the weekly newspaper Revista 22 laments in view of the crisis of the print media: "The nostalgia of those who deplore the looming demise of the press often shows itself in psychosomatic details: the smell of the ink, the feel of the paper, the enjoyable break from it all when you take time off to read the paper. ... For centuries the mass media have been lending a helping hand. 'Paper is patient,' they said. Whatever the authors wrote, the readers would peacefully sit down and read. Then television turned the authors into actors and the public into audiences and dished up images that send a shiver down your spine and which you can manipulate at will. But the most perverse - and most magic - thing is the Internet. ... A technical jewel where all it takes is a click to spread the entire world out in front of you. ... The only thing that helps here is humour. A commercial for toilet paper by the advertising agency Leo Burnett hits the nail on the head: 'Paper has a great future'."

Revista 22 - Romania | 28/07/2011

Romania's media beyond salvation

The international NGO for promoting press freedom, Reporters without Borders, complained in a report on the state of the Romanian media presented on Tuesday that the business sector and politics wield too much influence over the media. The weekly Revista 22 agrees, saying that media mogul "Sorin Ovidiu Vântu dreams of appointing ministers, replacing presidents and controlling the intelligence services and the judiciary. His media group uses all means at its disposal to keep tabs on his enemies. He smuggles in 'spies' to get hold of good information, puts the competition under pressure and makes huge profits. ... But the most arrogant of all media moguls is Dan Voiculescu, who even occupies a high-ranking post in the Senate. He uses his Intact group to pursue political rather than journalistic or economic goals. ... He wants to eliminate all the opponents who stand in the way of his privatisation plans. ... Another weapon used is to force companies to buy advertising, as an editor recently uncovered. ... As long as the mass media continue to be more political instruments than business enterprises they will remain beyond salvation."

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