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Armanca, Brindusa

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Revista 22 - Romania | 22/07/2013

Honesty won't last long in Romanian media

A second year of journalism graduates at West University in Romania's Timișoara have taken a Hippocratic oath of sorts, swearing to practice their profession honestly. The Romanian media landscape unfortunately cannot accommodate such noble aims, writes the conservative weekly Revista 22: "One might think that the graduates are now perfectly prepared to confront the perfidy of their corrupt bosses, and defend scrupulousness and press freedom. But this is not the case. Those who have chances of work - 30 percent according to the faculty - face countless hurdles. The difficulty of finding work will make them cautious from the outset. They will do as their bosses tell them, even if this means acting unethically. ... Of 55 graduates this year, only 20 took the oath. ... A large percentage of the younger generation is ruled by the usual pragmatism; they don't want to bother with complicated moral quandaries. Your chances are better if you toe the line."

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