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Aristos, Michailidis

Phileleftheros, Cyprus

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Phileleftheros - Cyprus | 13/11/2014

Cyprus selling out to Turkey

One party interested in purchasing the heavily indebted airline Cyprus Airways intends to sell part of its shares to Turkish Airlines afterwards, according to media reports. The Cypriot Finance Minister Harris Georgiades announced on Tuesday that he doesn't see this as a problem. Well why not sell Cyprus to Turkey lock, stock and barrel, the liberal daily Phileleftheros jibes: "The government couldn't care less about the argument that a half-occupied country like Cyprus must have its own airline. ... In fact everyone concerned is dropping the company like a hot potato. Who cares if 600 employees lose their jobs and Cyprus no longer has its own national airline? After all, we have no banks of our own and soon we won't own any telecommunications companies, electrical engineering firms or ports either. And if everything winds up in Turkish hands, why should that bother them? At least finally we'd have a solution to the Cyprus question."

Phileleftheros - Cyprus | 24/06/2014

A zoo can't solve the Cypriots' problems

The former leader of the Turkish Cypriots, Mehmet Ali Talat, proposed in a speech in Nicosia last week that trust between the Turkish and Greek Cypriots could be strengthened with the construction of a trilingual university or school, a playground and a zoo in the UN-controlled buffer zone between the ceasefire lines set up in 1974. The liberal daily Phileleftheros doesn't see the point: "Such dumb American-type proposals get put forward from time to time by 'visionaries' like Talat who don't want to remember that the problem of the occupation won't be solved with a zoo, but with the withdrawal of the illegal Turkish troops and the end of Turkey's policy of expansion. ... The goal of Talat and the Greek Cypriots who gaily applaud when he comes up with such rubbish isn't to find a fair solution to the Cyprus problem, but to transform Cyprus into a huge zoo in which Ankara can carry out experiments on Greek and Turkish Cypriots."

Phileleftheros - Cyprus | 19/07/2012

Cyprus in the credit trap

Cyprus's rapidly increasing credit requirements and the economic policy of President Dimitris Christofias are causes of serious concern for the liberal daily Phileleftheros: "We started with 1.8 billion euros to save the Laiki Bank - and within a few days there's talk of the state needing 15 billion euros. … No need to worry - everything's fine. … But within a matter of weeks the billions we needed have mushroomed so that without really realising it we could soon need as much as Spain. … Is Dimitris Christofias entitled to talk about the economic crisis and explain to others what needs to be done? The president who led us into the bailout mechanism, who brought the troika to Cyprus and ruined our lives? The president who doesn't have enough money to pay the people who work for the government and who is breaking into the pensions of ordinary citizens? At least out of respect for the institutions he should stay quiet until the presidential elections in February and stop gabbling on about clever solutions." 

Phileleftheros - Cyprus | 28/09/2011

Cyprus doesn't need UN in gas dispute

The UN special envoy in Cyprus, Alexander Downer, offered on Tuesday to mediate in the dispute between Ankara and Nikosia regarding the exploitation of gas reserves along the coast of Cyprus. But by making such an offer the UN casts doubt on Cyprus's right to explore its own coast, the liberal daily Phileleftheros contends: "Why has the UN offered to mediate? ... Is the Republic of Cyprus doing something that goes beyond its recognised rights, something that violates international law? The mere fact that the UN envoy raised the question conveys the impression that this is part of the conflict between the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots that needs to be discussed in internal Cypriot dialogue or at the United Nations. Everyone recognises Cyprus's right to continue with the explorations. Only Ankara has called into question this right and therefore violated international laws. ... The reaction to Downer's offer must be quick and clear: There is nothing that requires mediation."

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